Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Case for Grace


Grace is something we are all given by God, yet something none of us deserve.

No matter where we are in life, no matter where we've been, no matter our bank account, our debts, our earthly treasures, our faults, we are all sinners in need of grace.

Sometimes grace is hard to understand for teens and children. Author Lee Strobel is ready to help! In his books, Case for Grace Student Edition and Case for Grace for Kids, he tells it like this:


A Case for Grace for kids and teens. #grace #teenbooks #kidbooks

In Case for Grace Student EditionStrobel shares of his own story of atheism and the journey to Christianity as he explored God's redeeming love. You will be excited to read as find out just how he handled each situation he was faced with. This book is a great read for your teens as they learn about grace.

In Case for Grace for Kids, Strobel shares how grace is for everyone through stories of every day people and their situations. Each chapter ends with a couple of questions for your preteen to see how grace is for them.

Whether your preteen or teen is struggling with grace, doesn't understand it or is looking for something to read, check out these books!

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