Thursday, March 26, 2015

What I Know Without a Doubt

Some nights I lay in bed and think of my day or my circumstances. I wonder if I made a difference in the world that day or wonder if my situation will every change. There are times I feel like I've failed my family or my ministry or even God. And times I feel like I am stuck in a revolving door of my situation with no way out.

But there is something I never wonder about. Something that I do know for sure.

What I know without a doubt
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I know God is real.

I know He loves me.

I know I am His.

I know He is always a breath away.

I know He is offering me grace.

I know He will always be my help.

No matter what happens, what you do, or what is going on around you, you can always be sure of God. Turn to Him. Find faith in Him.

Please listen to this amazing song by Tricia Brock. Let the words sink into your heart.


  1. We are truly blessed by the grace and mercy of our Father in heaven!! I don't understand how His grace and mercy never run out but I'm thankful that they don't.

  2. Love this song. I first heard it in God's Not Dead. This is the first time I've heard the whole song though. Thanks so much for sharing. Visiting from Woman to Woman.


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