Thursday, April 9, 2015


This week I shared with you another great faith based and family friendly movie. To enter to win a copy of Grace of God, click HERE.

Today I am going to share a ton of faith based and family friendly movies with you! But I am going to share them with you by way of gMovies!

Our family loves Netflix. It's so great to have so many movie options at our finger tips whenever and where ever we want. But with Netflix, I have to closely monitor what the kids watch. Netflix has thousands of movies but not all are appropriate for my family.

But the new gMovies, by UPtv, is all faith based and family friendly movies! You can stream gMovies online which means you can watch on your tablet, cell phone and your computer. On certain tvs you can even connect your tv to your computer and watch on the tv. gMovies has hundreds of movies that are not only appropriate for your family, but will encourage them. Movies like, Finding Normal staring Candace Cameron Bure, Far From Home staring Barry Watson, What If staring Kevin Sorbo, and many, many more!

For only $4.99 a month, no contract, cancel at anytime, and hundreds of movies for your family, there is no reason to not try it. But, just to sweeten the deal, gMovies is so generously offering each of you wonderful readers a 2 week FREE trial. To access your FREE trial, click HERE. Click on REGISTER. Fill in your information, then click SUBSCRIBE. Use the code FREETRIAL21 and you will get your 2 week FREE trial.

To enter to win a full 6 months of gMovies FREE, complete each task in the rafflecopter below.

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