Saturday, May 2, 2015

Mommy Medicine Is Good But... {giveaway}

When my kids were little and got a "boo-boo," I always kissed it and said it was mommy medicine. I did the same with my nieces and nephews, it was Aunt Jenifer medicine. While this gave them comfort, we also taught them the importance of praying for healing.

We always pray that God would bless our pain. My children understood this and found great comfort in going to the Father for help. When my daughter was only 4 years old and had surgery, I cried hysterically. She, however, said it was ok because God was with her. {The pure faith of a child is a beautiful thing!}

Help your child learn how important it is to go to God when they hurt. Teach them how to go to God first and how to ask for healing. Then help them have faith and trust that God will heal.

Even the smallest injury can be traumatic for children. God Bless My Boo Boo teaches your child God is there to help them. With cute pictures and rhyming words they will see mama Zebra, mama Walrus and other animal mamas helping their babies make it better.

God Bless My Boo Boo is a great book to keep around when your child gets hurt, no matter how big or small.

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