Saturday, June 20, 2015

Let's Do Life Together {Giveaway}

I say it all the time:

We were not meant to do this life alone. We need each other.

Growing up I had a best friend. We were inseparable. We thought we'd be best friends forever. We had plans. You know the kind. Live next door to each other, our husbands would be best friends, our kids would be best friends, we would vacation together and we would grow old together. Yet, towards the end of our teen years, we grew apart.

A few years later I was blessed with a new friend. We emailed several times a day, talked on the phone, saw each other at church and spent time together outside of church. Yet misunderstanding followed by conflict and pain ended the friendship.

Making friends wasn't easy for me. I am a very quiet and shy person. I love to be around people, but struggled to make conversation and get to know anyone. As I stood in the background wishing we were friends, I would size myself up to the women around me and was afraid I would say or do something stupid. If I found we didn't have something in common, I would shy away thinking a friendship was impossible. In my mind, we had to act the same, think the same and live the same. And I always thought I was being judged.

With all of these reasons hoovering over me, I finally decided that I just didn't need friends anymore. I was done. Not in an angry, bitter way. Yet simply I thought it was too hard and unnecessary.

Why should I need friends? After all, I have a large family whom I am extremely close to. I easily consider my mom, grandmother and sisters my best friends. We are all very close. I didn't need anyone else.

Having a close family is so wonderful! I cannot begin to imagine not being so close. I am so grateful that I can talk to my parents, grandparents and siblings anytime about anything. I know they've got my back, I know they are praying for me and I know they'll straighten me out should I need it.

Then seven years ago I was asked to join a Bible study. A women's Bible study. This would be the first time ever I was included in a women's Bible study. I was nervous and excited all at the same time. As these women poured their hearts out while we studied the Word of God, I began to see that the differences were okay, that I wasn't being judged and I began to find my own voice.

Are friendships with women easy now? No. Not always. Women in general are strong. We have our own thoughts and ideas. We have our own ways of doing things and we tend to think our way is best. We think we have to have it all together at all times so we put on a mask and pretend. These things make friendships hard.

Are friendships worth it now? Yes! Yes always! We need each other. We need to lift one another up, mentor each other, be mentored by each other, minister to one another, and minister together to others. We need to encourage one another and pray for one another. We must unite as one for the sake of the Kingdom.

My sweet friend, Angie Tolpin, says in her new online course, The Quiet Fight Among Women: Redeeming the Division Together:
"The enemy is having a heyday among women outside and inside the church."
She goes on to say:
"We are so divided on issues that have no eternal value that we don't act like or live among one another as are supposed to be a team."
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It's time for women to put aside differences, take off their masks and do life together. It's time we stop the silent fight and become unified.

I want to share with The Quiet Fight Among Women: Redeeming the Division Together with you. This online Bible study course is amazing. Angie gets to the heart of this quiet fight and shows us how to close the divide. Just listen to this:

Who is this course for? All women! Whether you have previously been in this quiet fight or are currently in it, you need this course. Whether you are shy or outgoing, you need this course. And whether you have many close friends or no close friends, you need this course. I have gotten so much out of doing this study on my own and cannot wait to do it with my sisters at church.

Are you a Bible study leader? Interested in being one? You can also get the Group Leader Kit. The kit will give you everything you need to lead your friends, neighbors or church group to redeem the division together. For the Group Leader Kit, click the image below.

Angie Tolpin

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