Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Sorry I'm Not Sorry {giveaway}

According to Ambassadors for Kids Club, 1 out of every 4 students is bullied- and 85% of these situations never see intervention. Bullying is a real problem. We all either have been touched by bullying or know someone who has.

Author, Nancy Rue, has an incredible trilogy called the Mean Girl Makeover which deals with all 3 sides of bullying; the bully, the victim and the witness. Book 1, So Not Okay is the story of Tori, the witness. Book 2, You Can't Sit With Us, is the story of Ginger who is the victim. And now in book 3, Sorry I'm Not Sorry, we have the story of Kylie, the bully.

Bullies aren't born mean-through the vicious cycle of mean, bullies are made. #bullies #bullying #meangirls #meangirlmakeover

Kylie has been bullying for some time. She was even forced into counseling. As she continues to bullying, her counselor strives to get to the bottom of why Kylie bullies.

If you have a tween or teen, there is a good chance they have faced bullying from one of these standpoints. The Mean Girl Makeover series is a great set of books to teach your children and to open the lines of communications.

Mean Girl Makeover book 1 from the witness - So Not Okay
Mean Girl Makeover book 2 from the victim - You Can't Sit With Us
Mean Girl Makeover book 3 from the bully - Sorry I'm Not Sorry

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