Thursday, July 2, 2015

Use A Little Salt

Recently my family attended the graduation party of a friend. While at this gathering, we were introduced as the associate pastors of our church. We met a lot of new people and had a great time. But ever since that night, something has weighed heavily on my heart. Then today, as I read my daily devotions, there it was again, God's gentle reminder.

I think back to conversations of that night and wonder, did my words reflect a Christ? We were introduced as pastors yet I'm not sure if I reflected Christ in any way.

Did I complain a lot? Because yes, I tend to complain sometimes. I'm tired. Things aren't going as I want. I'm so busy, I never have time to rest. The list of things I complain about is quite long. Complaining is not of God.

Was I negative? Because yes, I tend to be a pessimist, a lot. Yes, this might be going good, but just wait, it will go bad. So much pain and sadness in the world, when will it come my way. Negativity is not of God.

Strangers and friends hear us. They hear all we say, even when we think they don't. What are they hearing? Are they hearing all the bad, the problems, the troubles, the pain? Or are they hearing Christ? Are they hearing grace, forgiveness, mercy, love and joy!

I am not talking about being real and sharing with our fellow sisters in Christ. We need to do that. We need to take off the mask and be real. What I am talking about is constant complaining and negativity.

Yes, we are all tired. We are all super busy. We all struggle with finances. Instead of complaining about it, do something about it. Turn the computer or tv off an hour early and go to bed! Stop saying yes to everything that everyone asks of you and play a board game with your family! Stop buying things you don't need and pay your tithe! And most important, take all of your troubles to God.

We need to stop complaining and being negative and let our words and actions reflect the Father. Today, use a little salt, a little grace, with your words.

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