Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Little R&R Right Here At Home

Life has been really busy the past few weeks. I feel like I'm always saying that. How about you?

We thought the month of July was going to be our "off" month. Nothing to do except church twice a week, the rest of the time would be spent relaxing and going to bed on time every night. Wrong. July ended up being just as busy as the kids' sports seasons.

Now, mid-August, my daughter just started volleyball season and she has a job. Her job has her working until 9:45 some nights and she doesn't get home from volleyball until after 9 on volleyball nights. Hard for this 'early to bed, early to rise' mama. My husband and I have temporarily taken on another ministry at church while that pastor takes a much needed break. My husband has been working Saturdays lately, which has him working his secular job 6 days a week in addition to full time ministry. I'm babysitting 3 precious nephews and niece, all under 16 months. Homeschool has started back up. Orthodontist appointments. The list just goes on and on.

None of my responsibilities and tasks are bad. In fact, they are all great, great things. My husband and I love all of it.

My family's beach vacation/family reunion is coming up soon and with all of the busyness, I feel like I am living for the beach. Every day I say if I can just make it 2 more months, then if I can just make it 1 more month, and if I can just make it a few more weeks, I'll be okay. If I can just get there, I'll survive.

One day this week as I was driving late at night to pick up my daughter from work, I felt the tears sting the back of my eyes. Tears of being tired. Tears of pain (I had fallen in the garage earlier that day). Tears of knowing my housework is piling up because of my busyness. Tears of needing to sit down and relax a few minutes. Tears of just wanting to be at the beach.

It was then that God nudged my spirit. He reminded me that I don't need the beach to find peace. I don't need the sound of the waves or the smell of the salty air to find comfort. He reminded me in that moment that He is there. While I may long for the beach, I can find comfort right here at home. Comfort in the arms of the Father. Comfort that is right here at home.

Be still and know I am God.
Psalm 46:10

When I feel the ache of wanting to be in my far away place or feel the tears of pain and exhaustion, I can turn to the Father and find comfort. He is my comfort, He is my secret place. All I have to do is turn my troubles over to Him and praise His name. In this, He brings a sweet peace that we know can only come from Him.

Whatever you are facing, if it's sickness, exhaustion, trials, whatever it may be, turn to the Father. Lay your head on His chest and let Him hold you as He brings you comfort.

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