Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Galaxy Buck {Giveaway}

If you or your kids are Veggie Tales fans like our family, chances are you've heard of Veggie Tales creator Phil Vischer's other project, What's In The Bible With Buck Denver. These adorable puppets share important information about the Bible as they help kids understand God's Word.

In the newest video, Galaxy Buck: Mission to Sector 9, Buck has a dream to save the galaxy and he knows God has big plans for him. Throughout his mission, he learns that he needs to be with God, trust God, and rest in God.

While parents will love the humorous nods toward Star Trek and Star Wars, your child will learn to trust God in all things, even our dreams.

Galaxy Buck is available NOW! To enter to win a copy of Galaxy Buck: Mission to Sector 9 on DVD, complete each task in the rafflecopter below.


  1. We have 2 of these so far. I just really love them! I even find myself learning some things along w/the kiddos! We will be putting this one on the Christmas list!! :)


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