Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Strong & Kind: And Other Important Character Traits Your Child Needs to Succeed {Giveaway}

Parenting is hard. With 4 teenagers I am often wonder if I've done enough as a parent. Have I taught them all the character qualities they need? How will they do when they 'leave the nest'? Is there anything I've missed in teaching them?

My son and I have been having some struggles in our relationship for awhile now. The fears of not parenting him good enough were real. I started praying the Fruits of the Spirit over him {I will share more of this in a blog post soon to come!}. I want my children to have the Fruits of the Spirit, but I can't do this on my own.

Korie Robertson, in her new book Strong and Kind, says, "We need training - but more importantly, we need God. At the end of the day, you have to give your children to God to complete. They belong ultimately to Him. He's the One who created them and the One who knows what is best for them."

That right there tells us exactly what we need to do as parents: give our kids back to God. We have to give them to God and let Him fill the gaps. We have to give them over and trust God to take care of them.

In Strong and Kind, Korie shares how to instill the traits of strength, kindness, self-control, honesty, compassion, patience, joyfulness, loyalty and humility.

Check out what she has to say:

Strong and Kind, available today, is a book every parent should read. To enter to win a copy, complete each task in the rafflecopter below.

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