Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Can You Be Organized at Christmas?

I love organization. I hate clutter.

My mom jokingly says at get togethers that you cannot leave anything sitting around, otherwise I trash it or put it away. I just can't stand stuff lying around for no reason at all. I am not always the most organized person, but I strive to be.

At the beginning of the year I read Kathi Lipp's book, Clutter FreeClutter Free is an incredible book with practical, easy to understand and follow advice on freeing yourself of clutter and getting organized. Now, Kathi has an amazing follow up with her book Get Yourself Organized for Christmas.

If you've lost your Christmas joy because of the hustle and bustle or you just want to learn to organize your holiday season better, this book is for you. With 21 projects, Kathi teaches you how to put together a holiday binder that you'll use year after year, determine a budget that won't break the bank, gather your elf supplies, get your gift list together, collect recipes and prep your kitchen. Everything you need for Christmas. She also includes an easy guide to cleaning up after Christmas. But most important, Kathi reminds us that:
When we're in charge of making Christmas miracles, we are so busy creating the Christmas that everyone else wants, we forget to step back and look at what's important and meaningful to us.
Don't be so busy or disorganized this Christmas that you fail to enjoy the true meaning; the birth of our Savior. Don't be so frazzled that you fail to pause and take time out for your loved ones. Step back, take a breath, and get Kathi's book to help you organize your holiday.

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