Friday, December 4, 2015

Walk Through Fire

My husband works construction. He's often on very high buildings and in unsafe situations. Sometimes I struggled with fear of what could happen to him. If he doesn't answer my texts right away or he is late coming home, the enemy whispers to me that something has happened. The enemy is a liar.

But this fear turned into a reality for one woman. Carly Bowers got the call that I've many times dreaded. Her husband was injured at work. An explosion that sent him to the ER and had a nurse calling her to come immediately.
"I'm so sorry to say this, Mrs. Bowers, but you need to be prepared. Your husband's injuries have a high mortality rate." My heart, my hope, fell even further. Mortality. Death. I began to panic. I wasn't ready to say goodbye to David. I wasn't ready to be a widow at twenty-six.
In their book, Walk Through Fire, Carly and her husband, David, each share their side of the story. On a day he wasn't even supposed to be a work, David made his way there anyway, only to have his entire world turned upside down by the explosion. With 94% of his body burned, 76% being severe, third-degree burns, David and Carly went through the ups and downs, not knowing what their future held, not know what their new normal would be and not knowing if David would even be okay.

May the God of hope fill you
with all joy and peace as you
trust in Him, so that you may
overflow with hope.
Romans 15:13

Carly clung to the verse in Romans as she began to understand the difference between joy and happiness. She experienced great joy when she was able to gently and carefully kiss David's forehead, their first physical contact of any kind in over three weeks.

Three months later, a horrible infection set in, risking his life all over again.
"Save him, Father," I pleaded. Please save my husband." I didn't understand how God could bring us this far only to take him away from us. It didn't make sense. Nothing about this ordeal made any sense.

Then later on, after months of healing and being home, another issue arises. As I read about all that affected David, my heart stills. As I think of his precious wife watching her husband hurt, my heart cries. While David struggled physically and emotionally and Carly struggled emotionally , they trusted God through it all. Never did their faith in God waver. And now, many years later, God has done amazing things in the life of the Bowers.

To read their story of hope and inspiration, check out Walk Through Fire.

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