Tuesday, March 29, 2016

I Am {giveaway}

Everyone lets us down. There are no exceptions. Everyone in your life will let you down in some way at some point. We are all flawed humans who mess up from time to time. But there is One who will never, ever let you down. He will never, ever walk away from you. He will never, ever put you down, tell on you, steal from you, lie to you or hurt you. He is faithful. God not only will never let you down, but He goes before you and He is all around you. He is the great I Am.

It is not always easy to grasp this; it's even harder for our kids. We need to help our kids understand who God is, what He is like and what He does.

The I Am Storybook covers 40 of the Bible's many names and descriptive titles for God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. Through Bible stories, devotions and prayers, your children will discover the meaning of God's names and how it relates to their own life. As they develop understanding of God's character, they will grow to know, love and trust the great I Am.

To enter to win the I Am Storybook, complete each task in the rafflecopter below.


  1. The many Names have meant something powerful in different seasons and situations in my life. One Name that has meant a lot during this season, is Healer!!

  2. Hi Jennifer! Thanks for supporting I AM and the goal of the book. I appreciate you! Blessings,
    Diane Stortz


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