Friday, June 3, 2016

The Eleventh on Feelin

I love wholesome, family friendly movies and tv shows. However, it's so hard to find that on tv. That is why I am so excited about FeelnFeeln is the leading streaming service that brings you heartfelt stories of love and togetherness, anytime, anyplace. All movies are handpicked so you spend less time searching and more time with the stories you love. Feeln brings home the exclusive library of Hallmark Hall of Fame features, Hollywood movies and TV series, and award-winning originals you won't find anywhere else.

I've been watching The Eleventh on Feeln. The Eleventh, a Feeln original series, is a story that focuses on a young woman's journey in getting to know her estranged grandmother in order to bring closure to the past and unite her family. The series has heart-warning themes of family, forgiveness, healing and love. Just the first episode and I was hooked. To watch full episodes of The Eleventh and much more, click here.

If you are tired of having to quickly change the channel because of inappropriate commercials, tired of tv shows sending your family the wrong message, or just ready for a clean change, Feeln is exactly what you need. For as little as $1.99 a month, wholes movies and shows will be right at your finger tips.

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