Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Unashamed {Giveaway}

The Bible tells us that all have sinned and fallen short of God's glory {Romans 3:23}. We also know that all we need to do is repent of our sin and we will be forgiven. But sometimes our sin comes with shame. Sometimes we feel shame not only from our sin, but from our self image or how others make us feel. Shame is all around us. Shame can be crippling.

In her new book Un-Ashamed, Healing Our Brokenness and Finding Freedom From Shame, Heather Davis Nelson shares that whether shame is related to relationships, body image, work, or secret sin, we all experience it at some point. While it manifests itself in different ways, such as fear, regret and anger, it ultimately points us to our most fundamental need as a human being, redemption. Heather invites us to not only be healed of shame, but to be a part of the healing for others.

Un-Ashamed helps us to see that Jesus gave of Himself so that we can have a shame-free identity.

Are you dealing with shame? Are you trapped and need an out? Check out Un-Ashamed, Healing Our Brokenness and Finding Freedom From Shame. Heather shares authentically as she shares how to find freedom.

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  1. I think that these are some of the most difficult things to overcome because we live in a broken world. Sin brought these feelings to our world. Jesus overcame it all on the cross & because of that we can be free of it. It's just not always easy to do since the enemy knows just what haunts us most in our lives. We stand in a place of victory when we keep our eyes on Jesus.


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