Saturday, January 14, 2017


Have you ever wondered exactly how you should begin to teach your little one about the Bible? Most parents have. We deeply want our children to know about God and His Word from the very beginning, yet we aren't always sure how to effectly teach them. Danielle Hitchen understands!

Danielle wrote the new board book, Bible Basics: A Baby Believer Counting Primer. This adorable book teaches your little one numbers as well as basic theology. With beautiful drawings in bold colors, your child will love being read this book.

Bible Basics: A Baby Believer Counting Primer is a great way to teach your child Bible basics. This book is perfect for little ones up to kindergarten. Pick up a copy today and help your baby fall in love with Jesus.

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  1. kids are grown, so I would be winning this for my granddaughter. But, when my kids were little, my ex-husband and I had a conflict between religions. I wish I could go back and change that, but I can't! Anyway, my kids were at least able to get the "just" of what we were trying to teach about Jesus, but I wish I could have done better. This book is so awesome! Where was this years ago? haha God bless everyone!

  2. My kids learn thru daily discussions and family worship

  3. I liked reading Bible books to them and singing Bible songs and watching dvds like Hermie and Wormie!


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