Friday, January 6, 2017


Balconies terrify me. I have zero fear of heights, as a matter of fact, I kind of like heights. When our family goes on our annual family reunion vacation, I love standing on the balcony 13 stories high and watching the waves crash to the shore. Yet, balconies terrify me when my kids are on them. I would have nightmares in the weeks leading up to our trip, nightmares of a child falling to their death. We set a rule that kids were not allowed on the balcony without an adult and they were never allowed to push a chair to the railing to 'get a better look.' Now that my kids are all teens, they don't frighten me as much but I still have this crippling fear with my nieces and nephews. I make sure everyone knows my rule of not being on the balcony without an adult and I make sure my teens do not pick up a little cousin to hold them while on the balcony. A healthy fear leads to respect. I don't want my kids to fear heights or balconies, but I do want them to understand the risks and dangers and respect that. But for myself, it is an all out fear.

I am a children's pastor. Put me in front of a crowd of kids and I am perfectly calm and ready to go. Put me in front of adults, not so much. I start to feel like I am out of breath, my voice starts to shake and things slowly turn black. I can't even give an announcement in front of my church, to the people I know and love and talk to regularly! It's crazy! I don't exactly know why I fear speaking in front of adults so much, but even the thought sends my heart racing.

I remember times of deep fear like sitting in the middle of a tornado while my babies were miles away at my parents and not knowing if we would survive or if my kids were safe; being on the phone with my husband while he had a car accident and I couldn't hear him, only the loud crash and cars passing by and having no idea if he was okay; waiting on the test results to hear if my daughter had cancer; and, right now as I write this, waiting to hear the results of my grandmother's latest cancer scan.

Fear is something that can choke the life out of someone. It literally stops our breathing. We all have experienced this fear at some point. Maybe from a phobia or a health scare, whatever it is, a good percentage of the population has suffered from some type of fear.

We know that we shouldn't have fear. The Bible tells us 365 different times to not be afraid. There are 365 days in a year. I do not see this as a coincidence. God doesn't want us to fear. Yet here we are, still struggling with fear.

Kelly Balarie, author of the new book Fear Fighting: Awakening Courage To Overcome Your Fears, reminds us that God is right beside us. That He is running right next to us. And that He has good plans for us. Kelly reassures us that we have no need to fear but we have ever reason to be courageous.

Are you struggling with fear right now? Do you know someone who is and you are unsure how to help them? Check out Kelly's book Fear Fighting: Awakening Courage To Overcome Your Fears. You will be blessed as you learn to fight fear and live courageous.

Fear Fighting: Awakening Courage To Overcome Your Fears was featured on Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda's favorite things at Christmas time.

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  1. This post took my breath away! It's been a roller coaster week! I'm so thankful for the hand of my sweet Heavenly Father on my life and the life of my sweet mama! Might need to get or borrow the book!!


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