Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Memorizing God's Word can be a powerful tool. When we hide His Word in our heart, He brings it to mind just when we need it most. Those words bring life and light. They bring healing and hope. But we must first memorize them.

Armed with Truth helps with memorizing the Word. They offer temporary tattoos of Scripture verses.

What is so amazing about these tattoos is you put them on, which is super easy to do, so that you see the Scripture and you work on memorizing it. Then as the tattoo begins to fade away, you can test yourself to see how well you know the Scripture without a word here or there. By the time it is completely gone, you should know the entire verse.

These tattoos are also a great witnessing tool. Tattoos interest people. They want to see them and know what they stand for. When wearing an Armed with Truth temporary tattoo, you will be sharing God's Word with them.

Armed with Truth offers Scripture tattoos and designer tattoos with sayings like Be Still, They Will Be Done, and It Is Well. You can also get custom tattoos for a group gathering and sticker decals.

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