Saturday, May 20, 2017


Mandisa's brand new cd, Out of the Dark, is now available! I am so excited! Since this cd arrived in my mailbox over a week ago, I haven't stopped listening to it.

When Mandisa's best friend, Kisha, was diagnosed with breast cancer, she had full faith that God was going to heal her friend. She even wrote the song You're An Overcomer in 2013 for her friend. When Kisha went home to be with the Lord, Mandisa slipped into a dark depression for 3 years, closing everyone out, including the Lord. The very first track on Out of the Dark hit me hard. Really hard. I was literally tearing up within 30 seconds of popping the cd in the cd player. Listen, then I'll explain...

The first thing that stood out to me about this voicemail intro is that Mandisa has done the right thing even before the depression hit, she surrounded herself with good, Godly people. People who were not going to let her slip away. People who stood by her side, even when she didn't want them there. People who lifted her to God even when she didn't see it. I had to ask myself, am I doing that? Am I surrounding myself with people who will be there no matter what? The second thing that stood out to me and drew me to tears was the question, am I that kind of friend? It is so easy to let people slip through the cracks. We know something is wrong. We might pray once or twice for them. We might send a Facebook message or text. But when they don't answer, we give up. I want to be that persistent friend. One that continues to pray daily, continues to call and even knocks on the door. I don't want to let those I love slip away when they are struggling.

After struggling with 3 years of dark depression, Mandisa is still here! She knows that God is not done with her and she still has a story to tell.

Prove Me Wrong is Mandisa's healing song. She wrote this song as a conversation with God over her friend's death. The song will bring you to tears as it brings healing to your soul.

And finally I want to share my favorite song, which is really hard to say because I truly love all of the songs on this cd! Shame Off struck me deep. Many of us tend to put ourselves down. I know I am bad about being a bully to myself. We tell ourselves over and over that we aren't good enough, that we fail, the list goes on and on. In Shame Off, Mandisa reminds us to take the shame off and put His grace on! (This song, along with 2 others, is only available on the deluxe edition.)

Out of the Dark is a favorite cd for my family. We all love it and we know you will too. Get your copy wherever music is sold!

Looking for a new devotional? Struggling with your own darkness or know someone who is? Mandisa wrote a 7 day devotional that is now live on YouVersion! Just click HERE to get the plan.

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  1. My favorite Mandisa song is Stronger.

  2. I haven't heard any of her song yet. You have convinced me that I need to hear her songs

  3. I was listening this morning and these songs are so deep and full of feeling! My favorite was prove me wrong so far!

  4. I love her song He is with you. Such an uplifting song. She is so powerful with her voice. So spirit filled. Thank you for sharing,

  5. Shame Off ~ hits me deeply also as I am my own worse enemy, as many of us are :-(


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