Thursday, June 1, 2017


Growing up in the church I've heard the term spiritual warrior more times than I can count. While I mostly knew what that was, I didn't always know how to be a Spiritual warrior. How do I fight Jesus strong? How do I go up against an enemy that wants me dead? How do I battle for my family, faith and friends? How do I live unafraid and march forward in victory? How do I remain strong and brave when I feel far from it?

In her new book, Put Your Warrior Boots On, Lisa Whittle teaches us how to experience the joy and release of trusting God to help us live a God-ignited life. She teaches us how to confirm truth and walk away from misleading messages, and she helps us develop passion for defending our beliefs.

Lisa tells us the call of God that says, "Rise up. Stop living scared. Get ready. Prepare for the hills. This world doesn't own you unless you give it permission. Put your warrior boots on, walk in My authority and live."

She convicts us by saying, "Living God-ish wrecks us because it makes us feel close enough, good enough. And in that space, we never reach for God." Just going to church isn't enough, just praying over our meals and bedtime isn't enough. Just picking up a Bible study, listening to Christian music, going to mid-week service, or posting a Bible verse on social media is not enough! We must be God strong. Lisa says, "When we don't rise up, we lie down and let satan loose." I don't know about you, but that is the last thing I want to do! I don't want to loose the enemy, I want to bind him up and stomp on him and remind him that he will not win!

Whether you are a new Christian or a mature Christian, this book is for you. We all need this teaching, this reminder on how to live Jesus strong and be the warrior we've been called to be.

Put Your Warrior Boots On is not only a book, but a study guide is included. This all-in-one study is perfect for joining together with your Bible study group, friends, family, neighbors and church as you learn to live the warrior life together. Plus, the session videos are free! Just click here to get access to the videos.

There’s no better time than this moment to put on your warrior boots and discover the fearless life you’ve been called to live.

Check out this incredible spoken word from Lisa...

Put Your Warrior Boots On is available totday! Just click HERE.

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