Thursday, September 28, 2017


Everywhere we look, we see young girls who feel like they don't measure up. They are told to look, act, speak, and be a certain way. When they don't, they are made to feel less than. So girls either shrink back and hide who they are or strive to be something they are not.

In her new book, Brave Beauty, Lynn Cowell wants to reach young girls and teach them to find confidence in God. Lynn, having raised 3 teens, has a passion to reach out and show teens how to live for God and be brave for Him.

Lynn put together 100 mini devotions as a way for teen girls to learn how to grow their relationship with God and be who He says they are.

Brave Beauty includes questions like, "What's ahead?" "Where do I fit in?" and "What am I good at?" Girls will talk about and answer these questions that are already circulating in their minds and will be able to use this is an incredible source to help reinforce the positive promises of God's active work and place in their lives!

In Brave Beauty readers will:
-See who God says they are
-Talk about tough stuff
-Discover how people of the Bible handle hard things
-Learn more about God and how He helps them
-Explore how God's words can help them become fearless and brave

Whether your girl is 10 and just entering this world, or 18 and making her way into adulthood, this book is for her.

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