Thursday, September 14, 2017


Today I want to share 2 incredible new Illustrated Faith kits from Dayspring.

The first kit is the new monthly kit, Created to Create 2. I will be honest with you and tell you that when I heard what this kit was, I wasn't too excited about it. I haven't done much Bible journaling the past couple of months. I am not artistic at all, so while I enjoy the Bible journaling kits from Illustrated Faith, I felt like my journaling wasn't good enough. I listened to the enemy tell me that I wasn't made to do this, it isn't for me, and I wasn't good enough. I spent more time erasing and tearing out pages in my prayer journal to start over than I actually spent doing the journaling. So, I just set it aside.

And then this kit came.

In Created to Create 2, Shanna invites us on a four week journey of discovering who we are in Jesus. We, I, am unique and special, and we have God-sized plan designed especially for for each of us. My journal doesn't have to look perfect. It doesn't have to look like Shanna's journal. It doesn't have to have perfect lines and drawings. It just has to be me. It's my worship to God, the One who created me to create, for Him. Shanna says, "Today I ask that you put down all the 'I can'ts' and pick up the 'I cans!' Maybe you are creative in how you put colors together, or how you see the world, whatever it may be—creativity is inside of you!"

Friends, you were created to create. And if you are more like me and cannot draw well, Illustrated Faith's kits are perfect. The stickers, stamps and washi help add color and design without having to be a perfect artist.

The devotional prompts are:
Week 1 - in the beginning God created
Week 2 - We are the clay He is the Potter Isaiah 64:8
Week 3 - beautiful in His time! Ecclesiastes 3:11
Week 4 - You are created to create Timothy 4:14-15

Each kit includes:
1 clear stamp collection
1 roll of washi tape
1 thank you card from Shanna
1 package of paper pieces (22 pieces)
2 sheets of translucent stickers
3 heart-shaped tip-ins
4 devotional cards
4 journaling cards

This kit is so much fun and such a great reminder that we were created to create.

The second kit I want to share with you is dear to my heart. It's the Faith > Fear kit. I've shared a few times that my daughter left for college this year. With her leaving, I have struggled with fear. Fear of all the what ifs. What if she forgets to turn her coffee pot off and burns her apartment down? What if she gets in an accident? What if classes, homework and her job are too much for her? What if, what if, what if. Fear grips my heart.

Then God firmly, yet so gently, reminds me to have faith in Him. While I cannot be there to protect her and take care of her, He is. I can have complete faith that He is with her every moment.

In the Faith > Fear kit, Shanna Noel uses some of her favorite Bible journaling must-haves to help us linger longer in the Word and document our faith. Each piece reminds us to have faith in our loving Father.

Included in the kit:
3 cardstock sticker sheets, 136 stickers
1 clear sticker sheet, 19 stickers
35 die-cut pieces
1 roll washi tape, 36'
1 tip-ins booklet, 24 pages - 12 designs

Lastly, I want to share a Shanna's favorite watercolor set. I have never used watercolors for Bible journaling so I am thrilled to get this set and begin. This set comes with 12 pigments and a brush and it's all in a cute little compact tin. These watercolors are Bible safe!

Pick up the Created to Create 2 kit, the Faith > Fear kit, and Shanna's favorite watercolor set today and illustrate your faith!

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