Wednesday, October 11, 2017


We live in a very me centered world. Get what I want. Do what I want. Be who I want. It's all about me, me, me.

There is another side of this me centered world, the side I personally am on. I am a very shy person. I love to be around people, yet I am so shy that I rarely start a conversation and sometimes don't even contribute to one. The thought of a group of people looking at my just makes my heart speed up. When God called me to be a children's pastor, I questioned Him. When He called me to lead a women's ministry in my church, I thought He picked the wrong girl. Even today as I type this, I received an invitation to speak at a woman's event in January. My heart started racing as I read the email. Then I read 250 women and my heart stopped.

How is this me centered? Because I am so focused on me. What if I mess up? What if I say something stupid or pronounce a word wrong? What if I trip and fall?What if I pass out? I get so focused on me messing up or looking like a fool that I don't leave room for God to do His work.

In her new book Free of Me, Sharon Miller says, "All those messages I had been hearing -about how special I was and how God had a perfect plan for me- I was taking them and breaking them a little. I was turning the Bible into a book about me. I was turning God into a God about me. My eyes were focused on me. I had made God into a mirror, and although the image was a positive one -and a truthful one- I was still living for myself. Instead of running toward the prize of Christ, I was bumping into the wall of my own reflection."

This life isn't about us. It's not about if we succeed or fail. It's not about if we are lifted high, recognized, get the book deal, get asked to speak at an event, or are honored in any way. It's not about if we fall flat on our face in front of hundreds of people, walk out of the bathroom with toilet paper stuck to the bottom of our shoe, or mispronounce a word. It's only about God. This life, it's about Him.

Sharon goes on to say, "I was treating God and the Bible as if they were all about me, which made my faith small and powerless. I think a lot of us make the same mistake, but we are by no means the first."

If you are struggling with this me condition, either side of the coin, I encourage you to pick up Free of Me. Sharon invites us to a bigger Jesus centered vision, a vision that doesn't limit us, but restores our freedom and inspires us to live for more. Every page will inspire and challenge you as you finally become free of yourself and learn to live a Christ centered life.

Free of Me is available now. Pick up your copy HERE.

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