Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Do you want to hear the voice of God but just don't know how or don't think He's talking to you? Did you know that the God that spoke this great universe into existence is the same God who still speaks to us today? Do you realize that He is speaking to you even today?

In his brand new book, Whisper How to Hear the Voice of God, author and pastor Mark Batterson  tells us that "God often speaks loudest when we're quietest." So often we just want this big booming voice or neon sign so we can hear God. But He's always there, always been there, it's just that often His voice is coming in a whisper. Sometimes when I can't get my kids to listen, I will begin to just whisper. Then they have to turn off all of the noise around them and really focus in and listen to hear me. Sometimes we need to turn off all of the noise around us and really focus in and listen to hear God.

In Bible times God spoke to His people in mysterious and miraculous ways, but is He still speaking now?  Absolutely! Mark says, "When I survey Scripture, I see God showing up in strange places, at strange times, in strange ways. And I don't think anything has changed. God certainly won't contradict Himself, but He is still predictably unpredictable!"

In Whisper, Mark teaches us just how God speaks to us through Scripture, desires, doors, dreams, people, promptings and pain. He tells us that often a "change of pace + change of place = change of perspective."

If you struggle to hear God or need a good reminder on how to hear Him, pick up Whisper today and you will learn how to tun in and decipher how God speaks to you. You will find that He is actively and daily speaking directly to you.

Whisper is available now. Click HERE to get your copy.

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