Friday, November 24, 2017


Young ladies have a battle. One they face daily. This battle is with the world who tells them to look a certain way, act a certain way, and live a certain way. The world tells them what they have to do to be beautiful, so much so that they don't feel beautiful on their own.

BeautyliciousInsider YouTuber Chelsea Crocket knows and understands this tug young women face. She knows that beauty is skewed in this generation, where beauty radiates from the inside out, too many see it other way around. She tells girls that they don't need to stuff themselves into a "one size fits all," they just need to be themselves. In her new book Your Own Beautiful, Chelsea says, "...God has even better plans for us than what we can plan for ourselves. I think that's amazing! Someone loves us and has good things planned for our lives. Even when things get hard and the bad seems to be taking over, we can know God is there guiding us toward the future He has planned for us."

Chelsea wants girls to know they are beautiful and she wants them to be themselves. She encourages them to find their identity in Christ, not the world.

In Your Own Beautiful, Chelsea teaches girls how to find their own beauty as well as teaches girls how to live a life with Jesus. If you have a tween, teen, or young adult girl, this book is a must read.

Pick up a copy of Your Own Beautiful today!

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