Tuesday, January 23, 2018


I don't remember being a fearful child. Maybe there was fear and I just don't recall it. I only remember living without a care. I knew God and my parents would always be there. I didn't worry about my safety, my next meal, or a roof over my head, nothing worried me.

And then I had kids.

Once I became a mother, I worried about everything. For years I couldn't sleep without the baby monitor on the highest volume and right next to my ear. I am talking years, not just when they were babies, but even as older kids. I put the loudest toys I could find under their window in fear of someone breaking in. I feared going places alone because what if something happened to me and left my babies without a mom. I feared my husband's dangerous job that could leave me without my best friend and children's father. I feared the balconies at hotels where my children could fall to their deaths. I feared every single noise I heard in the night. I feared everything.

In her new book, Fierce Faith, Alli Worthington says, "Fear is a liar. It speaks over us so convincingly, we believe that something terrible is certain to happen, even in the absence of any evidence whatsoever. Fear turns our what-ifs into certainties, freezing our faith and flipping our world upside down."

The thing is, fear doesn't come from God. Fear, the liar it is, is straight from the enemy. Alli says, "Fear is the most effective tool the enemy has in this world, and Jesus knew that would be the case. That's why He tells us 121 times in the Gospels alone to 'fear not.' And that's why He taught about fear on twenty -one different occasion. He knew this would be our struggle!"

Now, there is some fear, more of a healthy respect, that keeps us safe. While my fear of balconies and children was crippling, the fear was good to a point. It helped me to put safe rules in place, such as telling the kids they could never be on the balcony alone, only with an adult, and they couldn't push a chair to the railing. But keeping me up at night in a panic isn't healthy. Alli tells us, "Healthy fear can keep us out of painful situations, like shark attacks or Brazilian bikini waxes. But we aren't talking about God-given, healthy fear here. We're talking about fear of the future, the what-if situations that keep us up at night worrying, the anxiety that keeps us from living with confidence. We are talking about the God-distracting fear that steals our joy and keeps us off the path we are meant to follow."

Do you struggle with fear, worry, or anxiety? Fierce Faith is a must read! Alli knows fear. She is right there with us and walks us through how to fight fear and overcome anxiety with a deep, fierce faith. "By worshiping, trusting, and praising God, you are telling the enemy loud and clear that you are not a woman to be messed with."

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