Tuesday, January 16, 2018


It's the time of year when we focus on new goals. We set our One Words, New Year's Resolutions, and the like, all to prepare to better ourselves. My One Word for 2018 is joy. I am excited to focus on being more joyful this year and getting back to the joy of His salvation.

The brand new Illustrated Faith kit is out and is focused all around Goals. Shanna gives eight specific areas for goal setting: wisdom goals, hope goals, faith goals, prayer goals,  kindness goals, peace goals, home goals, health goals. Each area has a devotional card with not only a short devotion, but questions and a Scripture verse to pray over and meditate on. Shanna encourages us to "...celebrate the good, and ask Him to transform the rest. Here's to a new year of fresh beginnings and new #goals!"

When I first heard the theme of the kit, I wasn't sure if the kit would apply to my One Word. However, it totally does! Joy can be found in seeking wisdom from Him, in the hope of the Father, in living by faith, in praying and growing in my prayer life, in being kind as the Father lavishes kindness on me, in the peace I have from knowing God, in creating a joyful and worshipful attitude in my home, and in striving to be healthy so that I can do the work He has called me to do. I can't wait to dive into this kit and learn about finding joy in these areas.

The Goals Kit includes:
1 clear stamp collection
1 roll washi tape
1 thank you card from Shanna
2 sheets translucent stickers
6 tip-ins
8 devotional cards
1 plastic holder

Session 1 - #Wisdom Goals
Session 2 - #Hope Goals
Session 3 - #Faith Goals
Session 4 - #Prayer Goals
Session 5 - #Kindness Goals
Session 6 - #Peace Goals
Session 7 - #Home Goals
Session 8 - #Health Goals

No matter what your One Word is or what goals you set for this year, this kit is going to help you get a good, solid start. Pick up your Goals Kit today! Just click the image below.

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