Tuesday, February 20, 2018


All love begins with God.

God loved us before we were even woven together in our mother's womb. He loves us with a sweet yet fierce love. A love that cannot be diminished by our wrong doings. A love that cannot grow stronger by our good deeds. A love that is never changing and never wavering.

When we begin to see and understand the love that God has for us, His treasured children, we are then able to show love to others. In her new study Rooted - Going Deep Into God's Transforming Love, Lara Williams says, "Love down and love out." God's love comes down to us, then we can love out to others.

The world wants love. You want love, I want love. How can we not want everyone to find the deep transforming love of God?

In Rooted - Going Deep Into God's Transforming Love, Lara openly shares her own story as she digs into the book of Ephesians and finds God's love. She finds that all love is rooted in Him so that it can grow out to others.

Each week Lara digs into how God's love is: immeasurable, irrational, mysterious, unifying, purifying, and empowering. Each day you will dig into God's Word, read from Lara's heart, and turn it back to you with thought provoking questions.

Rooted - Going Deep Into God's Transforming Love is a wonderful study to do on your own, to grab a girlfriend or two and go through together, or to do with a larger group. However you do the study, you will walk away feeling rooted in God's love and ready to take His love out.

For some beautiful freebies from Lara, in honor of launch week, click HERE.

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  1. Hi Jenifer, looks like a great read!
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