Thursday, February 1, 2018


There are so many different views on marriage. If you gather friends, family, and neighbors in a room and ask everyone their view of marriage, you are going to get a wide variety of answers. One might say husband and wife are completely equal in all ways while another says they are not. One might say the wife should stay home to care for the family and another says both should work. One might say you should always go to bed at the same time while another says it doesn't matter. Everyone will have a different outlook on marriage.


What does God say?

What does our Father, the Creator of marriage, have to say? How does He want us to live out our married life? What are His views on marriage?

In their new book The Eden Concept Dana and Kimberly Williams lead us back to the very source of marriage to find out how to actually be married. "A Christian husband and wife are given the perfect example to follow in Christ and His church. Understanding that our marriage represents this 'mystery' to the world changes our perspective. No longer focused on self-gratification, we purpose to practice our biblical roles and present a powerful portrait to those around us.  This is a God-honoring marriage as laid out in the Scriptures and is His perfect design."

Dana and Kimberly, pastors and authors married for over twenty years, want to lead us into a marriage that honors God by living out His design. Whether you are newlywed or have been married for decades, The Eden Concept is for you! This book is even a great read for singles as they prepare for the possibility of marriage one day. The Eden Concept is out today so pick up your copy now!

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  1. Just coming up to 1st anniversary. This marriage was God sent as we met in church.


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