Thursday, September 20, 2018


I have always found Bible journaling as a beautiful form of worship. It helps me to slow down and really focus on what I am doing. Yet, I haven't done it for a couple of months. That's why this month's Illustrated Faith kit was perfect for me!

The Revival Camp Kit is the third and final kit in the Revival Camp series that teaches us to enjoying exploring God's Word, just as we explore His beautiful creation.


Take a look at all of the beauty in this kit in this unboxing:

Each kit comes with:
1 camp sticker
3 2"x2" embroidered patches with cloth bag
1 washi tape
1 4"x6" sheet of clear stamps
1 sheet of acetate Shapes
1 sheet of diecut pieces
3 devotionals
1 enamel pin
1 surprise 'Trail Mix' from Shanna
1 thank you card from Shanna
Packaged in a box with pink tissue and sticker

The praise devotion asked the question "Are you stuck in a praise rut? Maybe there's a style of praise you haven't tried in a while (or ever) and it's time to break out!" While I do not feel stuck in a rut, I certainly haven't done Bible journaling in awhile and that question was confirmation to me to begin once again! I am so excited get to back into journaling. This creative form of worship helps me not rush through my time with God and helps me to focus a little more.

While I have done Bible journaling in my Bible, I prefer to do so in my quiet time notebook. I love the blank pages to do whatever I want with. The devotional cards in the Revival Camp Kit fit perfectly inside my notebook with plenty of extra space. Here, I added a prayer, answered the discussion questions, added some fun washi tape, and used the stamps.

All of the Illustrated Faith Bible journaling kits are perfect for your Bible, quiet time journal or notebook, planner, or anywhere really. To pick up your Revival Camp Kit just click HERE.


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