Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Mommy Brownie Points

Contributed by Ryan Baker

Some of you might be outraged at this. Why should moms need brownie points when they’re
already working their butts off to do absolutely everything as it is? We’re with you on that
ladies, but sometimes you know yourselves you just need to score those extra brownie points
to solve a problem. Sometimes you’ll be in such a stressful situation that you just won’t know
how to deal with, and your whole mind can go into a bit of a meltdown thinking about how
so many things are going wrong around you. It’s so common to feel like that as a mother. So,
see these mommy brownie points as a little pick me up more than anything. You’re still going
to be the best mom no matter what, especially as you’ve probably been riding out the highs
and lows of parenthood for awhile now. So, it doesn’t matter however many highs or lows
you’ve been through at the minute, we’re going to try and reduce some of the lows that might
be coming your way, and give you some major mommy brownie points.

A Nurse To All Illnesses

Some say that mothers literally are everything. They’re a teacher, a counselor, a nurse, and a
friend. The list could go on, because when you truly think about it, all you can think is that you
want to be everything your child needs them to be. But being a nurse is definitely one of them.
The amount of cuts and scrapes, bangs and bruises, that you’ll have to deal with will just mount
up over the years, and issues that children can have will start at a very early age. We wanted to
start with this paragraph because we think that a parents biggest fear is their child being injured
or ill, especially little babies. But believe it or not, babies are the most susceptible to issues.
They’re so sensitive and delicate, it can often lead to so many different problems. To make sure
you can be a nurse to all illnesses, it’s best that you wise up to some of the issues your children
could have. From birth right through to their teens, the more knowledge you have, the safer you’ll
feel. For example, did you know babies could get acne? It’s actually more common than you
would believe, and it can be so distressing for mother and baby. If you visit websites such as, you’ll be able to find a wealth of
knowledge as to how the issue can be treated. There’s so many more issues that your child can
have, and a lot of the knowledge you’ll gain will come from the issues actually happening to you!

The Good Cop

This really is going to get you some brownie points from your kids. Being the good cop doesn't
mean you don't discipline your child, but having a good relationship with your child makes
discipline easier on both parent and child. As they get older, you wouldn’t believe how hard it
is to actually maintain a good relationship with them, especially as they start to get towards
their more hormonal years. But staying on the good cop side of things is going to be so beneficial
for you as they get older. You want to make sure you’re that fun approachable parent that they
can do anything with, and talk to about anything. It’s so important that you try and build this
bond from an early age, and a lot of that will be done through letting them do what they want.
So many parent and young child relationships are built on shouting and tantrums! The more
you connect with them, play with them, and actually be fun with them, the more you’re going
to be seen as this good cop. As they get older, it’s more about staying out of their hair, and being
that cool mom they need you to be. Whatever you do though, don’t be that mom that tries to be
so cool it’s embarrassing. You’re no doubt going to go through the phase where your child
thinks you are nothing more than embarrassing any way, but the longer you can delay that,
the better!

Mom Life

Who says you can’t earn brownie points with yourself. If you’re a mom who is literally always
focused on the mom life, and can’t even remember what she used to be before she had children,
then it’s time to change. As much as being a parent will become your whole entire meaning of
existence, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a little bit of fun on the side to keep a bit of the
old you alive. It’s so so important for your mental health and happiness to be able to do that
as well. The best thing you can do is make as many mom friends as you can, or hopefully you
still have your friends from your younger years. Get people together and just have a fun time
away from anything that’s mom related. It could be going for a coffee, having a pamper day,
or just doing something a bit wild!

The In The Moment Mom

Whilst your kids are young, you’ll no doubt be in the moment. In fact, you’ll have no choice but
to be involved with everything they do, because it literally will be your job. But as they get older
you will notice yourself take a little bit of a back seat. You won’t be as involved in their lives,
probably just because they don’t want you to be more than anything. But being out of the
moment means you actually miss out on the opportunity to make so many different memories.
You need to make sure you’re an in the moment sort of mom who is always out and about doing
things with their kids. Don’t let it get to the point where you’re hardly seeing them because
they’re out with their friends. You need to try and schedule family dates each week, and you
need to make the most of the time you’ll spend with them!

So, if you’re looking for some mommy brownie points, you’ll definitely find them in this article!

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