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How To Encourage Your Children To Go To Church From A Young Age

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One of the hardest things to get your children to do from a young age is to attend church. Whether it’s something they don’t enjoy or none of their friends attend, if it is something that is important to you, you need to ensure they are excited to come along with you. Whilst it might seem impossible to get them excited now, there are lots of things you can do to help them learn to love church. With that in mind, here are several ways to encourage your children to go to church from a young age: 
  • Instil It In Them From A Young Age
The earlier you start taking your children to church, the more they will get used to it. Whether that means taking them as soon as they’re born or starting them at around the age of one, you want them to feel as though church is a normal part of their routine. Of course, it is a normal part of their routine, but if you start taking them as they grow older and their friends aren’t doing the same, they will start to question things.
  • Get Them Excited An Hour Before
If it is the build-up to going to church that your children don’t like, try getting them excited an hour or so before. Whether this means letting them choose what they get to wear or giving them choice over the music you play on the way, they will feel excited about the little things you’re letting them do and associate church with some of their favourite things. For a guide to getting children to enjoy going out, you can visit this site here. 
  • Take Them To All Of The Church Activities And Social Events
One of the best ways to get them excited about going to church is to show them just how exciting it can be. Your local church will always be putting on activities and social events, so attending these could help reinforce the positive impact the church can have. With activities geared towards younger children, they will absolutely love attending church before you know it. For a guide, you can visit The Universal Church here. 
  • EncourageThem To Make Friends
Another great way to get them excited for church is to encourage them to make friends. If they’re excited to visit their friends each time you visit, you will probably find that eventually, they’re asking you if they can go to church. 
  • Let Them Choose Where You Go Afterwards
Finally, if you let your children choose where you visit after you go to church, you will be able to encourage them to behave throughout the whole experience. Whilst you can’t say yes to every suggestion they give, you can allow them to think they have control of the situation. 
Are you struggling to get your children to go to church? What could you do to convince them otherwise? Let me know in the comments section below.

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