Friday, June 28, 2019

Laying A Nest Egg

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It’s often as things are ticking along nicely that the unexpected takes us by surprise. A sudden
illness, an unforeseen expense, a change in our life circumstances.
That’s why so many of us have a little something extra tucked away, some money set aside to
help us out in times of need. 

But could that little extra work harder for you while it’s not being used? In this blog, we take a look
at some savings and investment opportunities that might help grow your emergency fund ready
for when you really need it most

Savings Accounts

t’s fair to say that by and large the better rate savings accounts tend to be the ones that lock
your money in the longest and might not be beneficial to you should you need to access that
money quickly. Still, some interest is better than nothing but are there any better alternatives?

You might consider a stocks and shares savings account that, run through your bank, will allow
for some safer investing of your money and give you back a better return. Many of these schemes
will allow you to set a limit on how much you want to invest while the rest of your money gathers
interest. In general you should be able to have instant access to part if not all of your money in
case you need to pay for medical treatment or hire the services of KoonsFuller Family Law, for


You may instead choose to invest your money in a hedge fund along with other investors. This
generally carries slightly more risk than a savings account but you should see much higher
returns on your investment at regular intervals throughout the year. Why not leave a core amount
as an investment and sweep the rest back into your emergency pot?


If your fund allows, buying property is often considered a good bet. Finding tenants to rent a small
apartment for a low mortgage will provide you with a steady income stream, particularly if you
choose to engage a tenancy agency to cover the rent in case the property becomes vacant.

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You also have the option of investing in a new build site where your money will be used by the
development company to construct housing and returned to you with interest once properties
are sold.

You want to keep your family safe and you want to be able to provide for them should the worst
case scenario happen. You’re there for them emotionally but be there financially too. Make some
great financial investments that give you a nest egg to fall back on, or to pass on to your family
once you’re gone.

Consider trusting your bank or broker to find some stocks and shares to dabble in or find a hedge
fund that looks stable and yields good returns for relatively low risk. Consider investing in bricks
and mortar for a good bet and stable monthly income. Whatever you choose, sit back and watch
that nest egg grow ready to help out your family should the worst happen.

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