Thursday, October 17, 2019

4 Tips to Help New Bloggers

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The blogging community continues to attract attention and continues to attract new bloggers to its ranks. It is wonderful to see it flourishing and today we want to share a few words of wisdom for any of you who might be thinking about starting your own blog. These are our 4 tips for new bloggers, we hope that they help you to take that next step. 
Focus on the reason that you are blogging
We all start blogging for different reasons. It might be boredom, the desire to spread a message, the need for a creative outlet, the chance to write, the opportunity to connect or a way to make an income. This is not an exhaustive list, of course, your reason is your own. 
It is important, when you start your blog and throughout the time that you write it, that you focus on the reason that you are blogging. This will anchor you when you feel like you are losing direction and it can inspire you to write from the heart again. 
Remember that it is yours and yours alone 
Your blog is your own space and no-one can tell you what to write in it. Even if you choose to earn an income from your blog and decide to work on brand collaborations, you have the right to say yes or no to them and to agree on the content that you share. 
Whether you are writing about the problems with counterfeit baby products or sharing details of a brand new product for cats, they are your words and this is your space. No-one can tell you what to write and what to share, and you should embrace that level of autonomy. 
It is normal to have a crisis of confidence
It is completely normal to lose your enthusiasm for blogging from time to time or to have a crisis of confidence. Whilst there is plenty that you can do to give yourself a confidence boost, do not dwell on it too much but accept it as a part of the process.
When you put yourself out there, there will be comments from time to time that make you question what you are doing. They might be in relation to the content that you have shared or they might be more general, around the fact that you are blogging. People do not always understand or appreciate the blogging world, so do ensure that you put the comment into context and move on from it. 
Comparison is the thief of all joy
When you blog you normally enter into a whole new community, both by reading blogs and by interacting on social media. It can be really supportive and inspirational, but it can also lead you to compare your blog to others’.
There will always be bloggers out there with higher page views, more social media followers and prettier photographs. You cannot spend time comparing yourself, instead, learn what you can from them and concentrate on doing your own thing.
Set your goals around improving your skills, your engagement and your metrics, not around trying to compete with others.

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