Tuesday, October 8, 2019


Growing up my mom had this one Bible that she always used. She carried it to church every week. As the preacher would preach his sermon, my mom would take notes in that Bible. She still has this Bible full of notes and markings. Now, this was a "regular" Bible. No special margin or section for notes or anything. So she had to carefully and creatively write all around the words.

If you like taking notes in your Bible too, the CSB Notetaking Bible is a perfect option! This Bible is great for taking notes at church or during a Bible study, or for using in your own personal quiet time.

The CSB Notetaking Bible is designed to enhance personal Bible study as well as preparation for teaching and preaching. This Bible provides you with a 1.75 inch note taking space on every page to make observations, record insights, raise questions, and suggest to yourself additional exploration of the text.

One thing I love about notetaking is that it leaves a legacy. I love seeing my mom's Bible with all of her marks and tear stains. One day, her grandchildren and great-grandchildren and even farther down the line will see that Bible and those notes and know what God spoke to her.

Check out the CSB Notetaking Bible. You will love it! Just click HERE.

*Disclaimer: I received this Bible in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions are my own.

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