Tuesday, November 12, 2019


We all have times when we feel rushed. Overwhelmed. Like there is just too much going on. We feel like we don't have time to relax, time to remember who we even are anymore. The world tells us we need more. More stuff, more activities, more social media, more everything. But let me ask you, what if less actually became the more?

In her brand new book When Less Becomes More, Emily Ley teaches us to make space for slow, simple, and good. Emily says, "We often feel as if we need more tools, more organization, or more time. But really what we often need is less: less noise, fewer distractions, less comparison."

Friend, I don't know about you, but it feels like the more we have, the more we do, the more exhausted we get. Some days I long for the days of old, a time I never lived but dream of. The front porch sitting. A life without so much technology. A life less rushed. Emily also says, "We chase great. We chase perfect. We chase more. But do we ever get there? Or do we wear ourselves out on this hamster wheel, missing all the good along the way? I think it's time to point our lives toward that place where enough truly is enough."

In When Less Becomes More, Emily teaches:
Less Rush, More Rhythm
Less Liking, More Loving
Less Noise, More Calm
Less Distraction, More Connection
Less Frenzy, More Soul Rest
Less Fake, More Real
Less Fear, More Community
Less Great, More Good
Less Chasing, More Cherishing
Less Stuff, More Treasures

Friends, When Less Becomes More is truly life changing. Please do yourself a favor and get this book. Learn to live life slow, simple, and good. To order, click the banner below.

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