Wednesday, December 18, 2019


Recently I shared the brand new Tony Evans Study Bible with you. I love this Bible and so did all of you! My husband also loved it, so much in fact that he asked if he could keep it. I let him of course! But today I am excited to share with you the same Bible with a beautiful purple leather cover! Purple is my favorite color and this cover is beautiful!

The Tony Evans Study Bible is the Christian Standard Bible version and has so much incredible additional content. You will find a note from Dr. Evans welcoming you to the Kingdom, book intros, a Bible reading plan, a concordance, maps, 40 inspirational articles, 50 Lessons on Kingdom Living, numerous Questions & Answers, and over 150 videos (Videos? In a print Bible? I'll explain...).

Every page has commentary. What is great about this commentary is that it is from years and years of Dr. Evans own personal study. Another feature to this Bible, something I have never seen before, is the QR Codes. At the beginning of the Bible you will find QR Codes that you can scan with the camera function on your smart phone and it will bring up sermons by Dr. Evans. Plus, the beginning of each book has a QR Code that will bring up a video from Dr. Evans talking about that book. This feature is amazing and I am so grateful for its addition to the Bible.

The Tony Evans Study Bible comes in five covers, each the same on the inside. The covers include black/brown leathertouch, hardcover, black leather, British tan leathertouch, and purple leathertouch. I am so excited about the purple cover!

The Tony Evans Study Bible is a wonderful Bible. I highly recommend this Bible!

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  1. Thank you for your ministry! I’m grateful for your faithful walk with the Lord and how you inspire us to get deeper in our relationship with God. Purple is my favorite color as well, and I love Dr. Evans and his ministry! Proverbs and James are both special to me. I love Proverbs because it’s easy to read a chapter each day of the month and have that reminder of the steps I need to take to stay on the path God has for me. It’s so easy to get distracted.

  2. My favorite is the book of John as to me is is the book of hope and love and the first couple of chapters say it all, Jesus loves me!

  3. I love the book of Ruth and the devotion and compassion and celebration in it!

  4. I can’t wait to get my hands on this Bible. Thank you for the review

  5. My favorite book is Philippians. It's such an encouraging read and reminder of how I need to live my life ... living joyfully in all circumstances, keeping my mind on those things that are excellence and praiseworthy, to keep pressing on in the struggles ... and finding my strength not in myself but in my Lord and Savior.

  6. Proverbs and psalms are tied for my favorite. Wisdom and prayer

  7. Psalm & Proverbs wisdom and prayer there tied

  8. Jennifer good morning, I have tried since last evening and now again this am! No such luck at entering the entry! Pferrine/paula ferrine/! Thank you, blessings always, Thank You


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