Friday, August 21, 2020

5 Ideas To Help You Get Into the Spirit of Homeschooling Your Little Ones

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If you’ve been put in a position of homeschooling your kids, then you’ll know that it can be rather challenging to get into the mood to teach them. After all, teaching isn’t easy and it’s a huge time and energy commitment. So we’ve put together a couple of smart ideas that’ll help you get into the spirit of being the teacher around the house.

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1. Make a small lesson plan

Whenever you’ve got some spare time, consider what you’re going to teach your kids. You don’t need to create a full detailed lesson plan since it’s just your child. However, you do want to focus on a main topic. It could be something simple such as teaching them about maths, or it could be teaching them good morals. You’ll want to try and mix things up a bit to keep them challenged, such as going through two or three different topics each day.

2. Get yourself a teacher tee

While teachers usually don’t have uniforms to wear, you can get yourself some smart teacher clothing to help you get into the mood. It’ll also help your child get into the mood seeing you don inspirational teacher shirts. It’s kind of like a superhero putting on a costume–once you’re in it, you’ll feel like a completely different person as you fit into your role. There are lots of unique messages to pick from and you’ll be surprised how motivational it can be for both you and your children. 

3. Set up a study area

There’s no better way to get into the mood of teaching your children than to set up a little study area. It should contain some basics that you’ll find in every classroom such as a whiteboard, a shelf with lots of study material, a table, comfortable seats and all of the accessories and stationery that your child will need when they study. If possible, pick somewhere quiet that is away from the rest of the house, such as a garden room, the garage or even a study. This will help keep distractions away and will improve your focus.

4. Make the lesson interactive

Lessons where you just talk to your child are boring and aren’t very fun for either of you. Since you’re homeschooling your children one-to-one, it’s a great opportunity to make the lesson interactive. This means talking about the subject, asking questions and trying to keep your child engaged at all times. We suggest checking out some interactive lessons activities and ideas for some examples of how you can make your home lessons fun.

5. Set a time and date for it

Lastly, make sure you set a time and date for when you’ll be homeschooling your kids. It’s important that you have a set time so that you know when to expect it. Spontaneous lessons aren’t good for you or your child as it adds a bit more stress and pressure to the lessons. Establish a time and date and your child will get accustomed to a regular study schedule.

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