Tuesday, October 27, 2020

How To Be a Better Steward of God's Money in 2020

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Some Christians don’t like to talk about money. However, during this time of Earthly chaos, we need to do better in knowing how to become better stewards of God’s money(Matt 25: 14-30). With some of the tools of the modern age, we have the opportunity to make better decisions with what we do with our financial gifts.  

Here are five things we can do: 

  1. Get out of Debt 

Proverbs tells us that the borrower becomes a slave to the lender. In 2020, the lender looks like credit cards, cars on finance, and store credit. We are slaves to all of these unnecessary material things when we should be leaning toward God. 

Aside from the mortgage on our houses, we should try to stay out of debt if possible. 

Financial freedom is liberating, but the darkness of debt can overcome us, particularly when you’re overrun with debts. Use online tools such as pigly.com, or speak to your church about any debt management classes they may be running. 

  1. Acknowledge Tithes 

One of the best ways to be a better steward of God’s money is to do exactly what He instructed us to do: tithe. That means honoring Him with a percentage of your income as an act of worship. Many churches will accept online payments to be set out so you don’t even have to bring cash with you week by week for church. Remember- tithing is an act of worshipping God. 

  1. Demonstrate Good Stewardship to Your Families 

If you’re in charge of the money in your household, demonstrate how to use God’s money wisely. Discourage ‘incidental’ spending while out and about. Buy no more than you need and limit spending on ‘wants’. 

Encourage a sense of giving. If you give your children an allowance, teach them to place the money into three categories- spend, save, and give. The larger portion should be in the latter two. 
This act can change a family and encourage good stewardship among the future generations. 

  1. Know that ‘Your’ Money is Not ‘Your Money’, but God’s

As a believer in the word and a follower of Jesus, it can be hard to remember that our income is not truly our income. Everything belongs to God, and He gives us enough to keep us and to remain accountable to Him. It is a similar situation if you are taking care of somebody’s dog for awhile. While you don’t own the dog, You are the steward for the dog owners, ensuring the dog is looked after well. If the dog is still healthy, fed, and exercised when the owner returns, you have been a good steward for that dog. It’s the same with God’s money. 

  1. Let God Teach You His Awesome Ways 

When you properly take care of God's money, He will show you His mighty ways. You will be amazed at how he will begin to show up in your life. Be a good steward of His money, and watch how He blesses you continually. God is a good God- He wants good things for His children.


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