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6 Sports You May Never Have Tried

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Sports and games can be good for us. They get us moving around and keep us active. We need to engage our brains and use all of our skills. Not only are games good for us in these respects, but they can also be a lot of fun - as such, they can also be a great stress reliever. 

So what about games and sports that you have never heard of or played? 

In this article, we’ll talk about five of the best sports or games that you may not have heard of. 

Roller Derby

Roller derby is a fast-paced sport that is played on quad roller skates. 

Two teams play at once on an elliptical track. Each team will field five skaters at any one time. One skater from each team will be the Jammer- the person who scores the points. The remaining four players will be blockers. Their role is to prevent the Jammer from the opposite team from scoring. 

A jammer can score a point by passing an opposition blocker. For each player they pass on a trip around the track, they’ll score one point. They need to keep going around the track repeatedly, scoring points. 

Blockers can stop the Jammer by knocking them off track or by obstructing them on the track. There are areas of the body that they can use to prevent the Jammer from passing. However, these blocks must be carried out in a safe way, or they will get a penalty. 

Games are divided up into jams; each jam lasts for either two minutes or until the lead jammer calls the jam off. 


This classic game has had somewhat of a renaissance in recent years. Cornhole is a game that requires a 16 oz corn-filled bag and a board with a hole in it. The board is placed 33 feet away. Players need to try and throw the corn-filled bag through the hole—the first player to get to 21 wins. 

If you want added fun, think about using themed regulation cornhole boards

Bog Snorkelling 

One of the strangest sports in the world is played wearing a snorkel and a pair of flippers. Competitors will all race the length of a bog. The game is messy, fun, and takes a good degree of fitness. 


This excentric sport involves players wearing giant inflatable balls. It’s guaranteed to get your blood flowing and your heart racing. It’s a great deal of fun, even if it is a bit wacky. 

Chess Boxing 

Chess boxing is a physical game that takes mental prowess too. You will quite literally be playing a game of chess while boxing. 


The game from Harry Potter is actually played by teams all over the world! There are no flying broomsticks in the real-life game; however, you will need to run around with a broom between your legs. 

If you’re a Potter fan, you’ll know the rules of this complicated but exciting game. 

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