Wednesday, June 30, 2021


If you are not following the Holderness family, you are missing out! I found Penn and Kim Holderness years ago when their hilarious video Christmas Jammies when viral. If you haven't seen it, go watch! Since that video, Penn and Kim have opened their lives up to us with incredible videos!

The Holderness family - Penn, Kim, Lola, and Penn Charles - are so fun and so real. They share what all of us are going through and thinking but in a light and fun way.

Penn and Kim have now opened up their lives in a new way: a marriage book. Everybody Fights So Why Not Get Better At It is a book that all couples need to read. Penn and Kim openly share their own struggles and how they are learning to fight right.

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As the title of the book says, everybody fights so why not get better at it, all couples fight. Even the most together couples will have disagreements. It is inevitable for couples to fight. The trick is, fighting in the right way and growing from it. As Kim says, your marriage is worth it.

Often the fights couples have are ridiculous. It starts with a minor miscommunication or difference of opinion and before long, it is a massive knock down drag out fight. When when learn to fight better, we can sidestep the knock down drag out and learn to grow and thrive.

#everybodyfightsbook #kimandpenn #holdernessfamily

In Everybody Fights So Why Not Get Better At It they share their ten most common fight fails and how to combat them. You will hear from both Penn and Kim and learn strategies they learned when they finally sought help.

If your marriage is going through a trying time, if you struggling to connect and communicate, if you are fighting all the time, this book is for you! If your marriage seems great right now, you're getting along and seem to have a handle on fighting, this book is for you! You take your car to the mechanic for regular maintenance. You go to the doctor for physicals. Why not find tools that could help you down the road?

To order your copy of , click HERE. And please do yourself a favor and go follow the Holderness family on Facebook!

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