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The King James Version, or KJV, Bible is has been a trusted translation of God's Word for well over 400 years. The KJV captures the majesty of God’s Word and shapes the worship of generations.

While some of the language used in the KJV translation sounds odd to us now, there is still a beauty in the Words. says, "Today, 'thou' sounds strange and formal to us, but it was once a sign of closeness. In early modern English, there were two forms of you, as there still are in many other languages, such as Spanish, French, and German. 'You' was plural, but it was also used to show respect or formality. 'Thou' was singular, but it was only used with close friends, family, or subordinates." I love this because it shows how God is speaking directly and personally to us through His Word.

I love using a study Bible to help me do more than just read but actually study the Word. Holman Bibles has a beautiful KJV Study Bible that I am loving! This stunning leather bound Bible features:

-Introductions and outlines for each book, including background information, theological themes, and insights into the unique contribution of each book
-High-quality smyth-sewn binding that allows the pages to lay open for easy reading and studying
-Easy-to-read layout with two columns of text, 9-point type size, words of Christ in red, page edge cross-references, and three columns of study notes
-Full-color visuals to help you see the structure and context of Scripture come alive, including 123 photographs, 58 maps, 19 illustrations/reconstructions, 19 charts, and 60 timelines
-20 full-length articles on practical and theological issues, including the origin and transmission of the Bible
-Concordance and “King’s English” glossary of terms and 17th-century expressions
-One-year and three-year Bible reading plans

While I love a study Bible, sometimes it is easier to carry a smaller Bible to church or in the car. That is why I am also loving the KJV Ultrathin Reference Bible. This Bible is easy-to-carry and easy-to-read, and features:

-Center-column cross-reference system
-Full color maps
-An ultrathin design which slips easily into a purse, briefcase, or backpack

And the kids are not to be left out! KJV Bibles also comes in the KJV One Big Story Bible for kids! As kids read the KJV One Big Story Bible, they will see scenes from the Bible literally pop off the page via a free downloadable app that lets them view the images in an augmented-reality, Digital Pop-Up™ format and listen to a narration by Jenna Lucado Bishop. This colorful, fully designed Bible meets children in the visual world they are so accustomed to by bringing Bible pages to life and showing young readers how they are a part of God's great story. Features include:

-Digital Pop-Up™ format using augmented reality on 146 full-page color illustrations
-Christ Connection feature that shows how each Bible story points to Christ
-Big Questions? feature to tell kids what they want to know
-100 Top Memory Verses for kids to learn
-Seeing the Big Picture feature that digs into key Bible stories and provides parents with discussion material
-Big Words feature that acts as a four-color Bible dictionary
-Introductions for every book of the Bible, written for kids to understand
-Complete Full text of the King James Version
-Full-color maps on 8 pages

The KJV translation is a wonderful translation option. All ages will love the KJV translation as they dive into the Word of God and learn from the beauty, love, and mercy they find on each page. To find out which KJV Bible is right for you, click HERE.

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