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Love Is A Remarkable Thing: Here's How To Share It With Your Kids

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Showing your kids that you love them is part and parcel of being an amazing parent. But how do you actually do it well? In this post, we take a look at some of the many ways you can express your love in a way that children will naturally understand. 

Talk To Your Child Like A Friend

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Children don’t act like friends. They’re much more demanding and less mature. But that shouldn’t prevent you from speaking to them as a peer from time to time. This way, they can see that you’re just like them and that you have something in common. 

Remember, kids can often get the impression that you are somehow different from them. All they want to do is play and have a good time, while you keep bringing order and responsibility to the table. Letting go of this impulse from time to time helps you become more recognizable to your children and reminds them that you have a special connection. 

Loosen The Rules From Time To Time

We tend to treat kids as though they are adults on probation, watching their every move, making sure that it meets the high standards that we have set for them. But from the child’s perspective, all of this socialization can feel a little oppressive. All they want to do is follow through with their natural instincts. 

Loosening the rules doesn’t mean that you just let them do whatever they want. But it does mean allowing them to do fun things, like play in the rain or use all of their toys at once, every now and again.

Give Them A Gift

Gift-giving is an expression of love that both adults and children can understand. It’s a great way of forging a bond at special times of the year. 

There are all sorts of gifts that you could give. For instance, you could buy a Lego set or a Grand Albert airplane toy. Or you might try to get your children interested in chess or brainteasers. 

Whatever you choose, make it something special that your child will love. You never know: they might reciprocate with a toy of their own. 

Write Them A Letter

You can also write your child a letter telling them how you feel about them. When writing this, try to talk about how you’ll always be there for them. This way, they can see you as a firm foundation - somebody who will support them through the trials and challenges of life. 

Give Them A Surprise

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Kids love surprises because they help to smash through the status quo. They break the monotony and allow something different and interesting to happen. For instance, you could surprise them by taking them on an adventure. Or you might try going for a walk in the park or going to the beach for the day. Telling your child that they have to come with you is usually a bad idea. But asking them to go with you and getting them excited about it can be a great way to get them to enjoy themselves more. 

Read Them A Story

Kids also love listening to stories. That’s because they tap into their innate learning capacity. Children naturally learn from listening to tales and then applying the principles in their lives. And because they have such active imaginations, it’s easy for them to become utterly absorbed in a good book. .


When reading a story, take time to think about how to make it as interesting for them as possible. Perhaps you’ll put on funny voices for different characters. Or maybe you will include sound effects. 

Don’t be afraid to read relatively complicated stories allowed, designed for older children. Kids’ comprehension is surprisingly good. 

Add Special Items To Their Lunch Boxes

Lunch boxes are another great way for parents to express how they feel to their kids. Preparing them a delicious sandwich or hiding small treats under their chopped apples can be a great way to make them feel more loved. 

Talk About Your Memories Together

Here’s another idea that works a treat: talking about your happy memories together and how you might create new ones in the future. For instance, you could talk about how much you enjoyed going to the seaside or what you liked about Christmas last year. All these conversations can have a big impact on how your child feels towards you. 

So, there you have it: how to share love with your kids. Many of the methods are simple but effective when done correctly.

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