Wednesday, August 25, 2021


 You recently saw an ad for a new face serum that claims to do wonders for a woman's skin. You do some research and find this beauty product is clean, made by a wonderful and trustworthy company, moisturizes skin deeply, helps with fine lines, and brightens the skin. It sounds perfect! You read the reviews to see that hundreds of women have used this product and had wonderful results. So you decide to give it a try.

You place the order and patiently wait for the serum to arrive on your doorstep. Then, the day comes. The delivery driver rings your doorbell and when you open the door you see a little box containing your serum. You cut the tape on the box and pull the serum out. Then, you take the serum to your shelf and place it just so. However, you never open the little glass bottle and use the serum.

Sounds crazy right? Why purchase the product and never use it?  You don't get benefits just from researching and purchasing. You have to actually open the bottle and use it.

Open the Book #Bible #Biblereading #GodsWord

The same goes for your Bible. You don't get benefits from just owning a Bible. You have to actually open the Bible, read it, and apply.

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