Wednesday, September 29, 2021


Our kids face to much; peer pressure, purpose, unexpected change, loss, and wondering where their faith fits in with it all. Levi Lusko's has a brand new children's devotional, Roar Like a Lion, that encourages your kids to "run toward the roar" as they face their fears, knowing that God is with them every step of the way.

Roar Like a Lion #RoarLikeALionMIN #roarlikealion #tommynelsonbooks

In this 90 day devotional, children 6-10 years will learn to have courage in school, friendship, trying new things, challenges, disappointments, grief, peer pressure, bullying, and much more. Each day has a Scripture verse, short devotion, prayer, and a call to action.

Roar Like a Lion #RoarLikeALionMIN #roarlikealion #tommynelsonbooks

Roar Like a Lion is a wonderful devotional to do with your children, or let them do on their own, and then discuss what they read. This devotional makes it easy for open dialogue on difficult topics.

Roar Like a Lion #RoarLikeALionMIN #roarlikealion #tommynelsonbooks

 Roar Like a Lion is available now! To order a copy, click below.

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