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I grew up in a Christian home where we celebrated the true meaning of Christmas every year. However, I never knew what Advent really meant. Naively, I thought Advent was observed by a specific religion. Seven or so years ago I was seeing the word Advent and the phrase Advent study all over social media, so I decided to do some research and see what it really was about.

Simply put, Advent means expectantly waiting. We are expectantly waiting on the birth of our Savior. 

What is Advent

Advent is a period of waiting. It helps us to remember and celebrate the first coming of Jesus, His birth, and anticipate His second coming. Advent lasts the four Sundays leading up to Christmas Day. The Advent season is a beautiful time of focusing on the arrival of Jesus Christ. Observing Advent isn't specific to a religion or group of people. Advent is for all!

Should I observe Advent

While observing Advent is a personal choice, I believe it is good for Christians to do so. Why wouldn't we want to celebrate and anticipate Jesus!?  I love everything about Christmas. But it can get so busy and so commercialized, Advent helps us to shift our focus back to Jesus and slow down and enjoy the holiday. Advent also helps us to deepen our relationship with Jesus.

Advent can also be done as a family. This is a wonderful way to help your family grow closer to each other as everyone also grows closer to Jesus.

How should I observe Advent

Advent begins November 28th this year and will end on Christmas Eve. To observe Advent, you can do an Advent study. There are so many great Advent studies!  Advent studies will go through Scripture and help us dig deep into different aspects of Christmas and faith. Advent studies can be done in addition to any Bible study or devotional you are already doing or in place of for the time of observation.

Many people also light Advent candles. I've done this a few years, but not every year. Advent wreathes and candles come with four candles. Each Sunday of Advent you light one candle and say a prayer. This is a simple practice of putting extra thought and prayer into Advent each week. (Some wreathes offer five candles, one for Christmas Day too.)

The first candle, first Sunday, represents hope. The second candle, second Sunday, represents love. The third candle, third Sunday, represents peace. And the final candle, final Sunday before Christmas, represents joy. You can light your candle at a family dinner, family devotion time, or whenever works best for you on that Sunday.

What I am doing this year and my favorite Advent studies

This year I am doing the Cultivate What Matters Advent Write the Word Journal. I absolutely love Write the Word journals! The Advent WTW comes as a gift set with a beautful keepsake box, your journal, conversation card set, Scripture verse card set, stickers, an ornament, and a cute mug. To order the Advent Write the Word Journal gift set, click HERE.

I am also doing Candace Cameron Bure's Bring On the Merry: 25 Days of Great Joy for Christmas. Candace is known as the queen of Christmas! Her new Christmas devotional is a beautiful book perfect for the holiday season. You'll find devotions, thought provoking questions, and more. To pick up Bring on the Merry, click HERE. Use code FRIEND for 25% off!

I will also be using the Advent wreath and candles from Dayspring. It comes with a beautiful wreath and all four candles. To check it out, click HERE. Use code FRIEND for 25% off!

Other Advent studies I've done through the years and love are:

Advent: The Story of Christmas by Sherri Gragg - on sale for $11.25 with code FRIEND

Keeping Our Hearts Focused One Christmas by Courtney Joseph - a downloadable pdf

The Daily Grace Co's Waiting for the Savior - on sale for only $10!

The She Reads Truth 2021 Advent Study Book

Observing Advent is a personal decision. One that, should you choose to observe it, can be a great blessing in your faith journey.

Have you observed Advent before?
What is your favorite Advent study?

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