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3 Tips For Saving Baby Photos So They're Kept Forever

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Whenever you visit your parents, you sometimes go through all the different boxes full of printed-out photos. If your parents were organized, you may have some albums to go through as well. It’s crazy to look at these photos and think about how many memories were lost, simply because there wasn’t enough technology back then. You couldn’t afford to take loads of photos all the time, and you also couldn’t print them all out. Funnily enough, you’d actually have no idea what the images looked like until they arrived printed out, so certain memories may have been ruined by a blurry photo. 

These days, we’re so lucky to have smartphones with excellent cameras, allowing us to point and shoot whenever we want. We can take so many amazing photos of our children and families, preserving memories forever. Of course, as the years go by, you’ll likely upgrade and change your phones. So, how do you ensure that all those lovely baby photos don’t get lost? Here are three tips to help you save your baby photos forever:

Move them to another device

A good idea is to take your photos from a phone and put them on another device. With some Android phones, you can save them to an SD card and transfer them just like that. If you have an iPhone, things are slightly harder. For one, the most recent iPhones save photos in the heic format, instead of the common jpg one. So, you may have to download an app to convert heic to jpg before moving the photos to your computer, ensuring they can be opened and viewed. Now, even if you get a new phone, you have folders of photos saved to a hard drive. 

Save them to the cloud

Another idea is to save your photos to the cloud. With some phones, you can actually go to the settings and change it so all your photos instantly get uploaded to the cloud when they’re taken. This means they’re stored online, and you can view the photos whenever you want from any device. If you don’t have the option to do this automatically, you can always use a cloud storage provider and select the photos to manually upload. 

Post them to social media

Lastly, posting baby photos and key memories to your social media is another way of saving them. You can make a private account if you want, with only friends and family allowed to follow it. Posting the photos here will mean they remain exactly where they are, forever. The only way they’ll be deleted or lost is if you forget your account password or username!

It’s a very good idea to use all three of these tips together, for added protection. Keeping your baby photos on a hard drive is good, but what if the drive breaks or gets stolen? Likewise, keeping them in the cloud prevents them from being stolen, but what if your cloud storage is hacked and they get deleted? The same can be said for your social media as well. Having all three options covers your bases and helps you keep baby photos safe forever and ever. 

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