Thursday, December 16, 2021


Let's just start off with the understanding that the last couple of years have been hard for everyone.

We have all faced some kind of loss or hardship. We have all hurt. We went into 2020 expecting great things for it to just be, well, 2020. Then we thought 2021 would be a drastic and wonderful change from 2020. Instead, it was 2020 2.0.

I don't know about you, but I am ready for a refresh. Not the kind of refresh you get from a vacation or watching a sunrise over the ocean or a hike in the mountains or even sleeping in. Those moments of refresh are nice but they are temporary. I am looking for something more permanent. I am looking for Jesus.

In her new devotional study guide, Refreshed, Cleere Cheery Reaves is all about meeting with Jesus and becoming love in action, which lead to the refreshment we so desperately need.

Refreshed is a 30 day devotional study guide that you will love! Each day has Scripture, Love Out Loud with Cleere devotion, Ponder His Love questions, Communicate with Love prayer, and Mediate on His Love verses. And splashed throughout you will find QR codes where you can open the camera on your phone, scan the QR code, and bring up a short video by Cleere!

Refreshed is wonderful to do on your own or with a friend or group. Either way, you will learn, grow, and find the refreshment Jesus offers. Refreshed would make a great Christmas gift (just be sure to use expedited shipping!) for any woman on your list.

This devotional study guide is so good! I am loving going through it and I know you will too. To pick up your copy, just head here: Refreshed.

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