Sunday, December 19, 2021


We've all at some point done some renovating in our homes. Over the last twelve years, my husband and I have done quite a bit of improvements to our home. This fall we transformed a bedroom into an office and our son's old room into my grandmother's room and then, when she passed away, into a spare bedroom.

But let me tell you what happened this past weekend...

My husband was watching HGTV, we love so many of the shows! I was doing some writing while I listened to a kitchen reno in the background. During the demo process, my husband says, "I want to tear apart our kitchen." Absentmindedly, I replied, "You do you." Next thing I know, I hear hammers. Oh mercy!

After tearing out a part of the wall he wanted gone, my husband stood back and took stock in all that was going on. What needed to be removed. What needed removed, what needed to stay, what supplies he would need, etc. 

In their new book Revived & Renovated, Victoria Duerstock and Paige Rien say, "When we refurbish, we often take stock of the parts of something - the parts of a piece of furniture, or a house. We also take stock of ourselves when we need God's healing hand on us."

Victoria and Paige both have a passion for reviving, renovating, restoring, and refreshing. They also have a passion for Jesus. In Revived & Renovated they show the parallels between home renovation and our walk with God.

Whether just a fresh coat of paint or a full on renovation, getting that revived and updated look makes us feel good. Sometimes our spiritual walk needs to be revived and renovated too. Pick up a copy of Revived & Renovated today! Click below.

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