Tuesday, February 1, 2022


Powersheets have been a huge help to me the past five or so years. This beautiful goal planner has helped me with big picture goals and every day habits.

I have my goals for the year, then each month I set daily, weekly, and monthly action items to help me reach those goals. This year, my eight goals are to grow in my faith, marriage, family, finances and home, ministry and work, health, friends, and fun.

January didn't go quite as planned. My husband and I spent half the month very sick. So I didn't get my steps in every day nor did I get to go on walks. One of my monthly action items was to read two books for fun, not for the purpose of reviews. I didn't get to that either. As for the rest of my action items, I made great progress! I am pleased with January and ready to tackle February!

My February action items are:

Daily - Start and end my day with Jesus. Do Write the Word journal daily.
Weekly - none
Monthly - Memorize Psalm 4:8.

• Marriage
Daily - Pray for my husband.
Weekly - Ask my husband what I can do to serve him during the week.
Monthly - Spend quality time together.

Daily - Pray for my family.
Weekly - none
Monthly - Get together for dinner and games.

• Finances/Home
Daily - none
Weekly - Tithe. Pay weekly bills.
Monthly - Watch unnecessary spending, cut back on stopping at the coffee shop.

Daily - Pray for those I minister with and to.
Weekly - Write. Write blog posts for the week. Schedule social media for the week.
Monthly - Do monthly church schedule.

Daily - Take 9000 steps. Drink 80 ounces of water. Take vitamins. Watch sugar intake. Get to bed by 9pm at the latest.
Weekly - Go on at least 2 walks.
Monthly - none

 Friends - 
Daily - none
Weekly - Pray for friends.
Monthly - Send out 3 cards of encouragement.

 Fun - 
Daily - none
Weekly - Do something to relax, I am hoping to book a massage -that is definitely relaxing!
Monthly - Read two books for fun, I just downloaded three Christian fiction books to my kindle and started the first one last night.

Those are my goals and action items for February! I am looking forward to the month and all that is to come.

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